• Your In-Shower Underarm Routine Upgraded

    Your armpits are one of the most complex areas of your skin, and they need more than an errant swipe of a soapy hand every now and then - that is where Oxters comes in.

  • Intelligently crafted with clean and natural ingredients.

    Oxters is carefully crafted with clean and natural ingredients to remove odor-causing bacteria and pore-clogging impurities, including deodorant residue and sweat, leaving you with a fresh start for whatever comes next.

  • Intuitive & Easy to Use Packaging

    We hand-pour Oxters into familiar deodorant packaging which is super easy to use and it protects your product from melting and disintegrating in the shower.

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Combat Body Odor: Bacteria, not sweat, cause odor. Deodorants have limitations, so we developed Oxters.

Prepare your underarms for deodorant and whatever comes next.

The underarm

A high-performing, misunderstood part of your body. Warm and moist, it houses sweat glands, hair follicles, and lymph nodes, creating an environment for bacteria growth. Body odor arises from sweat interacting with skin bacteria. Factors like warmth, moisture, and apocrine sweat glands contribute to armpit odor.

Armpit Sweat

Odorless from eccrine glands. When mixed with bacteria, it produces an unpleasant smell. Composed of water, electrolytes, proteins, lipids, and nutrients for bacteria.


Oder Causing Bacteria

Skin hosts a diverse microbiota. When sweat mixes, bacteria break down proteins and lipids, producing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with a distinct odor.


Apocrine Sweat

Armpits house lipid-rich sweat from apocrine glands. It contains proteins and lipids as nutrients for bacteria, causing odor production.


Hormones & Diet

Puberty affects apocrine glands, increasing sweat and altering odor. Food choices matter too. Spicy, garlic, onions, and some meds can release compounds detectable in sweat.

Note from the Founders

At Oxters, we understand the fast-paced lifestyle and the never-ending battle against sweat and body odor. Deodorants have limitations, which is why we created Oxters.