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Meet Oxters

We're on a mission to redefine underarm care. Cleaner pits, less odor, healthier underarms, optimal performance and function.

It's that simple.

Founding story

Hi, we’re Chelsea and Scott.

We’ve always lived active lives, but we reevaluated our wellness after both our parents experienced health scares. Our priorities shifted as our family grew. We wanted to live the healthiest lives we could and take proactive steps to avoid future health problems.

This meant taking a good hard look at the food we consumed and the products we used.


Why the underarm?

We started questioning the products we used daily, and one of these was deodorant.

Did we really need it?

How much was the daily use of deodorant affecting our normal body function?

Our underarms are designed to cool our bodies and remove toxins. Clogging these outlets with antiperspirants and deodorants kicks them into overdrive, making body odor even worse.

The Science & Anatomy

A complex part of our body

The underarm: the high-performing, complex, often misunderstood part of your body. The underarm is one of the warmest parts of your body. It houses two kinds of sweat glands, hair follicles, and over 20 lymph nodes, which provide a warm, and moist environment for bacteria to grow.

We believed there was a better way to support the function and performance of the underarm.


The Search

We had to create it

We wanted something that met our performance and wellness standards, but we realized we needed to create something that didn’t exist yet. Our kitchen became a production lab and our shower, a test facility. By researching, testing, and rolling up our sleeves, we created a product formulated to revolutionize underarm health. That’s how Oxters was born: the Original In-Shower Underarm Wash to be used as a deodorant enhancer or alternative.



Clean planet

Oxters isn't just about fresh underarms; it's about a fresh planet too. We're committed to sustainability at every step, and we’re always looking to do more to make a difference.


Our Mission

Underarm, Cleaner.

Oxters’ mission is to deliver products that get you through your day, the same way we expect them to help us get through ours. For improved underarm health and performance, whether you deo or don’t - always Oxters!


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