Oxters' Commitment to Sustainability: Cleaner Pits, Cleaner Planet

At Oxters, sustainability isn't just a buzzword – it's a fundamental aspect of our identity and operations. As a new personal care company, we're proud to introduce the original in-shower underarm wash to the world. But beyond innovative products, we're committed to making a positive impact on the planet through concrete sustainability initiatives and how we choose to operate our business.

From the outset, our founders understood the importance of building Oxters in a sustainable and ethical manner. For us, sustainability isn't just an option – it's a responsibility that we take seriously. It's about more than just meeting standards; it's about setting a new benchmark for responsible business practices.

One of the ways we're living up to this responsibility is by being a proud member of 1% for the Planet. This global movement connects businesses and individuals who are passionate about environmental conservation. Through our partnership, we pledge to donate 1% of our annual sales to support environmental nonprofits that are working tirelessly to protect our planet.

But our commitment doesn't stop there. We're also proud to be a plastic neutral company thanks to our partnership with rePurpose Global. We understand the devastating impact of plastic pollution on our environment, and we're taking proactive steps to address it. For every unit of plastic packaging we use, we fund the removal and recycling of an equivalent amount of plastic waste from the environment.

Furthermore, we're thrilled to offer carbon-neutral shipping through Shopify Planet. This means that every order placed with Oxters, customers can opt to minimize carbon emissions from shipping, helping to reduce our carbon footprint and combat climate change.

For us, sustainability isn't just a checklist – it's ingrained in every aspect of our business. It's about transparency, accountability, and a commitment to doing better for the planet and future generations. That's why we've outlined our sustainability efforts on our website, making it clear that these practices are non-negotiable for us.

As consumers, you have the power to make a difference with the choices you make. By choosing Oxters, you're not just getting high-quality personal care products – you're supporting a company that's dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment.

Join us in embracing responsibility and championing sustainability this Earth Day and beyond. Together, we can create a greener, cleaner future for all. #cleanerpitscleanerplanet

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