Founding Story

👋 Hi - we're Chelsea and Scott, we have always lived an active lifestyle but a few years ago after both our parents experienced health scares we decided to take a deeper look at wellness aspects of our lifestyle. With our growing family our desires and ambitions changed. We wanted to live the healthiest lifestyle we could to take proactive steps in hopes of avoiding future health problems that run in our families. This meant taking a good hard look at the food we consumed and the products we used.

Through this process, we started questioning a lot of the products we used daily and one of these was deodorant. Come to find out, deodorant didn’t become mainstream until the early 1900’s and quickly became a marketers dream, by leveraging social embarrassment and individual fear to create a massive industry. But did we really need it? How much was the daily use of deodorant affecting our normal body function? 

Our underarms were anatomically designed to function, to cool our bodies and remove toxins our bodies don’t need. Certainly, clogging up these outlets with antiperspirant and deodorants isn’t optimizing this functionality or improving our health. In reality it's the opposite. Our bodies kick into overdrive to cool itself and expel product that is on it creating a vicious cycle of sweat and body odor.

That's where our search began. We wanted something that met our performance and personal wellness standards, but the road to finding a product with clean natural ingredients that actually worked was frustrating. This is where Oxters was born.

We utilized our kitchen for production and our shower as a test facility to create a product specifically formulated to revolutionize underarm health. Our unique approach enhances wellness, and performance to fight body odor at its source. Oxters is the Original In-Shower Underarm Wash that leaves your underarms cleaner. 

Our mission is to deliver products that get you through your day, the same way we expect them to help us get through ours. For improved underarm health and performance, whether you deo or don’t - always Oxters!


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